Smoking Policy

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Smoking Policy

The Eastwood Leisure Complex recognises that passive smoking is hazardous to health and that non-smoking club members and visitors have the right to be protected from exposure to tobacco smoke.


  • Improve the health of the community
  • Improve public amenity and maintenance of property
  • Raise community awareness of the negative health impact of smoking and denormalise smoking
  • Provide community leadership to protect the health and social wellbeing of the community

Accordingly, the following policy shall apply to all complex facilities, functions, meetings and activities undertaken by the club and will apply to all members, officials, players and club visitors.


All complex facilities are to be completely smoke free and shall include:

  • Within 10 meters of building entrances (including covered areas)
  • The social rooms inclusive of kitchen, meeting rooms, toilets and storage area.
  • Player change rooms inclusive of warm up area, toilets and showers, medical room and property room

Cigarettes will not be sold at any time at or by the club.

Coaches, players, trainers, volunteers and officials will refrain from smoking and remain smoke free while involved in an official capacity for the club.


All club functions including social and fundraising events and meetings are to be completely smoke free.

Ashtrays will be removed from all complex facilities.  Cigarettes butt bins will be provided at outdoor locations for smokers to dispose of cigarettes butts before entering/re-entering smoke free areas at complex   facilities.

All club functions held at Eastwood Leisure Complex are to be completely smoke-free and an assurance from the venue management of compliance with the smoking policy before a booking is confirmed by

  • Removing all ashtrays from the venue where the function is to be held.
  • Enforcing a smoke-free policy during the function
  • Not selling cigarettes at any time during the function

Invitations and advertising for all functions, meetings and events will be promoted as smoke free.

This policy applies to all members, administrators, officials, coaches, players, spectators, visitors and volunteers of the Eastwood Leisure Complex.

The totally smoke-free status of our community centre ground will be clearly signed at the entrance to, and within the grounds.    This policy is effective from 1st August 2013.

Non-compliance strategy

The following five-step non-compliance strategy will be followed if anyone breaches the Eastwood Leisure Complex smoke-free policy:

  1. Assume that the person is unaware of the smoke-free policy.
  2. A staff member or club representative will approach the person breaching the policy and politely ask them to refrain from smoking [or move to a smoking area] and remind them about the smoke-free policy.
  3. If the offence continues, the offending patron must be made aware that if they don’t stop smoking then they will be required to leave the sporting ground/facility. The most senior staff member or most senior club representative present should verbally warn them, and if possible, hand over a formally written letter. The pre-written letter will be pre-signed by the management committee and kept on the premises so that copies are readily available. It will outline the Eastwood Leisure Complex’s policy on smoking and state that if the patron continues to breach the policy then s/he will be asked to leave.
  4. If the offending continues, then the patron will be escorted off the ground/facility by staff and/or a senior club representative.
  5. Under no circumstance should the Eastwood Leisure Complex’s smoke-free policy be breached.


Policy review

This policy will be reviewed six months after its introduction and then on an annual basis thereafter.

This will ensure that the policy remains current and practical.

The intention of this policy is to phase-in outdoor smoking bans, with an aim for the club grounds to be totally smoke-free. As such, at each policy review, consideration will be given to the expansion of the smoke-free policy to the entire sporting ground.